Glacier Family Medicine Clinic

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Do you accept medicare/medicaid? Yes, we accept medicare/medicaid. 
Do you accept most major health insurance? Yes, we accept most major health plans, workers comp, and auto insurance.
My prescription says zero refills on it. What do I do? Call the pharmacy and use the auto refill option. The pharmacy will sent a refill request. Glacier Family or the pharmacy will notify you if an office visit is needed. 
Do you do drug testing? Yes, we do DOT and Non-DOT drug testing.  An appointment, picture ID, work order, and full bladder are required. 
Are you certified to do CDL/DOT medical cards? Yes, Brent is certified to do CDL/DOT medicals.
Do you do Coast Guard physicals? Yes, we do. Please have your paperwork filled out ahead of time and bring it with you.
Are there any female providers that I could see? Ms. Renae Blanton, FNP, works several times a year at Glacier Family. Ask when her next appointments are if you are more comfortable with a female provider.
Are there any speciality services offered? Yes, once a month one of the physicians from Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic holds an Ortho clinic. 

I don't have any insurance, are there any programs that might help me out? The only program available is the Alaska Breast and Cervical Program. It provides for a yearly physical exam,  including pap smear and mammogram if needed. It is available for women ages 21-64.  There are income limitations, but they are fairly liberal. Ask the receptionist if you might qualify. 
Do you do chronic pain management? No
Do you do x-rays? Yes, we are able to do most x-rays on site. We also offer ultrasound services.
Do you have a sliding scale fee schedule? No. We do not receive any City, State, or Federal subsidies/grants/funding etc. We are a fee for service facility.